Oil Control Soothing Essence
The “Textbook solution" for oil and sensitive skin repair

Oil Control Soothing Essence

"Developed for oily and sensitive skin, the essence is enriched with FOMES OFFICINALIS (MUSHROOM) EXTRACT, to effectively relieve sensitive discomfort, and rebuild the fragile barrier with strength and resilience."——Josh, R&D Scientist

15ml ¥ 209

Product Description

  • Exclusive ingredients

    Rebuilding fragile oil skin barrier with targeted repair, Simpcare leverages its Simpcare Neo Oil Barrier with the patented ceramide, to restore skin resilience from inside out. In combination with Simpcare 1609™ Factor for soothing, no sensitive irritation will ever come back. The highly active FOMES OFFICINALIS extract, plus the Three-dimensional Smoothing Technology™, makes it effective in oil control at the source. Skin is made smoother, healthier, refreshing, and refined.

  • 5% FOMES OFFICINALIS (MUSHROOM) EXTRACT*: highly active with a 5.95 times concentration, to upgrade oil control at the source, and improve water-oil balance

  • Simpcare 1609™: to provide instant relief to irritation, over-heating, itchiness, pain, and pamper skin with comfort

  • FOMES OFFICINALIS oil control system:to reduce sebum secretion, and balance water-and-oil mix

  • Simpcare ShrinkPore Tech: to stimulate renewal of cuticles, and makes skin smooth and refined again

  • *5.95 times: the triterpene content of the oil control active substance extracted by supramolecular technology is 5.95 times higher than that extracted by traditional technology, as validated by third-party laboratory test.

  • *Simpcare1609: the triple compound developed independently by Simpcare Lab, an exquisite combination of 4-t-BUTYLCYCLOHEXANOL, SCHISANDRA SPHENANTHERA EXTRACT and TEPHROSIA PURPUREA SEED EXTRACT.

  • *FOMES OFFICINALIS oil control system:an independent R&D of Simpcare. Through purification, the active components of FOMES OFFICINALIS is extracted, to upgrade the oil control at the source

  • *Simpcare ShrinkPore Tech is the trademark name registered by Simpcare, used to refer to an independently developed technology

Oil Control Soothing Essence