Oil Control Soothing Lotion
Building your skin defense from inside out

Oil Control Soothing Lotion

“Developed for oily and sensitive skin, the toner and lotion feature FOMES OFFICINALIS extract, to improve water-oil balance. Skin feels refreshed and lightweight; sebum secretion is slowed down, but skin barrier rebuilt for better skin resilience."——Josh, R&D Scientist

100ml ¥ 119

Product Description

  • Exclusive ingredients

    The brand new Simpcare Oil Free Secrete*, by Simpcare, to comprehensively improving the oil control at the source. Use together with Simpcare1609*, to provide instant relief to irritation, over-heating, itchiness, pain and other skin discomfort.

  • *Simpcare Oil Free Secrete system: an independent R&D of Simpcare. Through purification, the active components of FOMES OFFICINALIS is extracted, to upgrade the oil control at the source.

  • *Simpcare1609: the triple compound developed independently by Simpcare Lab, an exquisite combination of 4-t-BUTYLCYCLOHEXANOL, SCHISANDRA SPHENANTHERA EXTRACT and TEPHROSIA PURPUREA SEED EXTRACT.

  • *Simpcare Neo Oil Barrier: the barrier repair system independently developed by Simpcare laboratory that is compounded by LITHOTHAMNION CALCAREUM and LINSEED SEED extract; It can stimulate the self-healing circulation of the skin, improve the water retention, and connect the plump cuticles tightly. By regeneration, the fragile barrier is reborn with full defense.

  • Developed for oil and sensitive skins
    No stickiness, made easy to absorb
    Stronger oil control at the source
    Building your skin defense from inside out
    Bringing vitality to the once oily and sensitive skin
Oil Control Soothing Lotion

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