Camellia Soothing and Repairing Soft Cream
Extra special care for the sensitive skin, irritation, dryness and itchiness removed, healthy foundation rebuilt.

Camellia Soothing and Repairing Soft Cream

"The light-textured moisturizer cream, enriched with the essence of [RedSnow] camellia extract, merges into the skin effortlessly. Your fragile skin is instantly relived, with skin barriers rebuilt” ——Josh, R&D Scientist

50g ¥ 169

Product Description

  • Exclusive ingredients

    Simpcare RedSnowRepair™*, developed by Simpcare Laboratory for sensitive skin. Enriched with the RedSnow camellia extract from Jeju Island, South Korea, Simpcare RedSnowRepair has a range of soothing and moisturizing ingredients, to provide solutions and care for your sensitive and fragile skin. Irritation, itchiness and pain are relieved instantly, as the sebum membrane is repaired on the outer layer, cuticles re-constructed in the inner layer. The skin barrier gets rebuilt with improved resilience and strengths. No more sensitive problems.

  • *Simpcare RedSnowRepair ™: ompound ingredients independently developed by Simpcare, including simpcare RedSnowRelief™, Simpcare RedSnow1609™, and Multi dimensional three dimensional moisturizing technology

Camellia Soothing and Repairing Soft Cream

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