Camellia Soothing Facial Toner
Irritation removed, damaged skin barrier repaired, skin comforted

Camellia Soothing Facial Toner

“If your skin ever feels irritated, dry or discomfortable, this essence toner is what I will recommend. With Camellia japonica [redsnow] extract, it soothes and hydrates your skin with one touch. Even better with a mask. A pleasant scent of camellia flower around you, you will be refreshed and lighted up in skin and in mood. “ —Josh, R&D Scientist

120ml ¥ 119

Product Description

  • Exclusive ingredients

    Extracting the camellia japonica from Jeju Island, South Korea, patented as Redsnow*, is what we have discovered for sensitive skin. Proved to be effective in skin relief, it helps to repair skin barrier, maintain hydration, and increase the density of dermis for sensitive skin. Skin is rebuilt in four dimensions, from thin to thick, with more resilience. Patented BETA-GLUCAN* and Ectoine jointly make the skin more comfortable and stable.

  • *Patented Redsnow: Korean Invention Patent, Patent No.: 10-0863618, 10-1560526

  • *BETA-GLUCAN: Chinese Invention Patent, Patent No. zl201010146371.2

Camellia Soothing Facial Toner