Conotoxin Firming Serum
Prevent early aging with extra firming effects. V-shape face made in 15 minutes

Conotoxin Firming Serum

Conus is a deep-sea carnivorous mollusc that secretes CTX (Conotoxin), a neurotoxin to help itself catch food. I was surprised to find that conotoxin peptide can target muscle-type Na-ion channels to relax muscles, improve skin elasticity and release tension from the source. Now I’m proud to bring you this youthful feeling! " -- Amber, R&D scientist.

15ml ¥ 309

Product Description

  • CTX tyraty™ skin-firming technology, independently developed by Simpcare Lab, condenses five active peptides, with conotoxin peptide as the core, to make the skin tight, plump and uplifting. The conotoxin peptide is extracted and refined with Swiss technology, combined with the special technology of Simpcare Lab to promote skin penetration. It reaches skin bottoms easily to re-build firmness; combined with 4 other active peptides such as ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8, the growth of collagen is stimulated to fill the skin with vitality and plumpness.

  • *CTX tyraty peptide was a peptide complex composed of ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8, TRIPEPTIDE-1, conotoxin peptide, PALMITOYL TETRAPEPTIDE-7 and NONA-PEPTIDE-1.

  • Instant firming, but gentle and safe
    Hydra-feeling, essence touch, moisturizing but not too oily
Conotoxin Firming Serum