Simpcare Repairing Essence
Improve acnes in the whole cycle, and foster a healthy skin from the source

Simpcare Repairing Essence

"In the dense forest of Caribbean island, there is a 'tree of life' that can heal wounds - GUAIACUM OFFICINALE WOOD. It contain an amazing healing power and it has always been lingering in my mind. I spent years in exploring the extracting and crafting its essence. Now here it comes, the revolutionary full-cycle repair solution for acnes skin - it effectively repair acne skin caused by excessive oil secretion and frequent no-sleeping evenings. Fresh and clear, it merges into your skin fast, to care for you with the best repairing experience. "——Josh, R&D Scientist

15ml ¥ 239

Product Description

  • Exclusive ingredients

    Formulation technology independently developed by Simpcare Lab, creates Simpcare CBD FLEX*. It condenses 8 ingredients with repairing power, to improve acnes in the whole cycle, and foster a healthy skin from the source.

  • *Simpcare CBD FLEX: GUAIACUM OFFICINALE WOOD extrac. A multi-dimensional compound repair essence, independently made by Simpcare Lab, with GUAIACUM OFFICINALE WOOD extract as the core ingredient, targeting acne skin to provide superb repair effect.

Simpcare Repairing Essence