Simpcare Repairing Mask
Remove acnes effectively. The once oily skin full of acnes get repaired and pampered.

Simpcare Repairing Mask

"In the dense forest of Caribbean island, there is a 'tree of life' that can heal wounds - GUAIACUM OFFICINALE WOOD. It contain an amazing healing power and it has always been lingering in my mind. I spent years in exploring the extracting and crafting its essence. Now here it comes, the revolutionary full-cycle repair solution for acnes skin - it effectively repair acne skin caused by excessive oil secretion and frequent no-sleeping evenings. The mask is fresh and friendly on your face, locking in the essence, to care for you with the best repairing experience. ——Josh, R&D Scientist.

5pcs ¥ 179

Product Description

  • Exclusive ingredients

    Simpcare CBD FLEX* uses GUAIACUM OFFICINALE WOOD EXTRACT as the core ingredient, combined with OLEA EUROPAEA leaf, PEUMUS BOLDUS, RHODOMYRTUS TOMENTOSA with their magical repairing power, to create an essence that can speed up the repair of acnes, and care for the sensitive skin in harsh environment in a short time. Microporous wood fiber cloth is used, which is highly breathable and not stuffy, allowing oily and acne-prone muscles to breathe freely and quickly return to healthy muscles.

  • *Simpcare CBD FLEX: GUAIACUM OFFICINALE WOOD extrac. A multi-dimensional compound repair essence, independently made by Simpcare Lab, with GUAIACUM OFFICINALE WOOD extract as the core ingredient, targeting acne skin to provide superb repair effect.

Simpcare Repairing Mask