Camellia Soothing Foaming Wash
Patented formula* of amino acid surfactant, independently developed by Simpcare, provides the clean power you need but with a mild touch. No irritation, no dry skin, no artificial smoothness.

Camellia Soothing Foaming Wash

“Developed for sensitive skin, the cleaner features [RedSnow] Camellia extract, and a 3: 4:1 special formula* of amino acid surfactant, to soothe your skin. Its gentle foam touches the face like a soft cloud. Cleaning made so comfy and effective.”——Josh, R&D Scientist

150ml ¥ 89

Product Description

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    With in-depth data research, Simpcare laboratory proposed the 3: 4:1 patented formula* of amino acid surfactant, only for sensitive skin: amino acids mixed with perfect ratio, to create a unique offering among amino acids cleaners - superb cleaning power, with a gentle touch, it pampers your skin while cleaning it. You feel refreshed and comfortable, with no tightness or artificial smooth feelings. Cleaning a sensitive skin, has never been so easy and assuring. It also is infused with Patented Redsnow CAMELLIA RETICULATA extract, and the soothing factor Simpcare 1609™*, which relieve and relax the sensitive skin before other skin care routines.

  • * the golden ratio of 3:4:1 refers to the scientific ratio independently developed by Simpcare: 3 portions of SODIUM COCOYL ALANINATE: 4 portions of DISODIUM COCOYL GLUTAMATE: 1 portion of SODIUM COCOYL APPLE AMINO ACIDS + DISODIUM LAUROYL GLUTAMATE

  • *Patented Redsnow: Korean Invention Patent, Patent No.: 10-0863618, 10-1560526

  • *Simpcare1609 factor: refers to the triple compound developed independently by Simpcare Lab, an exquisite combination of 4-t-BUTYLCYCLOHEXANOL, SCHISANDRA SPHENANTHERA EXTRACT and TEPHROSIA PURPUREA SEED EXTRACT.

Camellia Soothing Foaming Wash