Radiance IIIuminating Essence Toner
Your skin lightened up with one touch, radiant and translucent

Radiance IIIuminating Essence Toner

“A tonic specifically designed for skins facing challenges in Asian urban environment. Lightweight, smooth and soft in texture, the lotion consist of two parts: the watery part moisturizes and nourishes the skin. On the next day, the skin feels smooth and radiant, with long-lasting effects. It’s like you are wearing highlights all day; the milk part feels so gentle. It follows your fingertips to the skin, inch by inch, nourishing your face. Deep sea pearl extract fills up the skin from inside, creating a silky look on the surface, just like wearing an extracted essence.”——Josh, R&D Scientist

120ml ¥ 279

Product Description

  • Deep sea pearl, mixed with green tea - two precious ingredients, to reach the bottom of the skin and bring the radiance inside out. Hydrolyzed silk extract creates a silky experience on the skin, hydrated and translucent. A formula featuring balance and gentleness, your skin is made elastic, refined and nurtured, to regain a youthful vitality.

  • Core ingredients

    Deep sea pearls: to light up the skin and increase hydration

  • Green tea: strong antioxidant, skin made more translucent and radiant

  • Hydrolyzed silk: to stimulate collagen, skin made plump and bounced-up

  • SODIUM ACETYLATED HYALURONATE: to lock water in, skin made hydrated and smooth; to soften the cuticles, essence let in to reach deep, thus strengthening the skin care effect

Radiance IIIuminating Essence Toner